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Hi, We are your new neighbors...
We brought you brownies...

We take pride in selecting high quality cannabis products that you can trust.

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Brand Philosophy

Supreme Heights is not only a cannabis brand, but a way of life.  At Supreme Heights we are focused on serving our patients with the highest level of respect while providing relevant educational and scientific information. We aspire to do this while maintaining a safe, inviting, and supportive atmosphere. Supreme Heights is more than a provider of high-quality cannabis products. It is a wellness center of trusted, knowledgeable, and professional cannabis ambassadors. We aim to establish a positive relationship with the community built on mutual respect and trust. Our goal is to meet the needs of all our patient clientele and provide access to high-quality products. Each individual associated with Supreme Heights is considered part of our family whether they're new to the community or a longstanding Oklahoman. We look forward to serving each and every individual that arrives on our doorstep with the highest standard achievable. 

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Experience Nature

Many widely prescribed medications are overused in Western medicine. This can bring up new medical concerns and prolong or even worsen the conditions which they're meant to treat. Our body's ultimate goal is to achieve a state of homeostasis, in other words, to have complete balance within the body. The majority of prescription drugs are used to treat short term imbalances, yet when used long term they can become problematic. In some cases, the medications that are meant to help us will cause a homeostatic rebound. In cases like these, they will cause withdrawal symptoms that disturb the balance within our bodies. Oftentimes, it's more troublesome managing the side effects of a medication than it was managing the illness itself. This can affect our freedom to choose certain foods to eat, perform some activities, and can often cause difficulties choosing other medications when there are contraindications. However,  over the centuries many cultures have found cannabis to be a therapeutic solution. Just to name a few places, cannabis was used in Asia, Egypt, India, Greece, and many other countries, some since the early BCs. Cannabis has been known to treat a wide variety of ailments including, but not limited to, reduction of chronic pain, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, multiple sclerosis, and cancer related symptoms.

~ Supreme Heights 2021 ~

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